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Publishers Weekly. In , Frank Mackey and Rosie Daly were 19, in love, and planning to run away together from Ireland to start a new life in England. When Rosie failed to meet him, Frank stayed in his hometown of Dublin, estranged from his dysfunctional family. Cassie Maddox from The Likeness , finds his history in upheaval when his colleagues unearth Rosie's remains in a dilapidated house in his old neighborhood, and he's pulled back into his family of four siblings and their alcoholic, wife-beating father. When his younger brother dies days later—accident, suicide, or murder?

Verdict: With French's masterly portrayal of family dynamics and responsibility and her adept depiction of young love and parental devotion, fans are unlikely to miss Maddox, the protagonist of her first two New York Times best sellers Into the Woods; The Likeness. Psychological suspense at its best. An Irish undercover cop delves into his working-class past. When Frank Mackey left Faithful Place more than 20 years ago, he never imagined returning. Of course, he thought he'd be leaving with his childhood sweetheart Rosie Daly. When Rosie failed to show up at their meeting spot that fateful night, Frank was broken-hearted but decided to go it alone.

He's moved on and hasn't looked back-until he receives an urgent call from his sister Jackie, demanding that he return to his childhood home. She's got the one thing in the world that could make him come back: information about Rosie, whose suitcase has been found in a vacant house. This new intelligence throws mysterious shadows on Frank's theories about Rosie's fate. Suddenly, what was once buried history starts coming to light, and Frank isn't quite prepared for the twists his life begins to take.

Not only does everything seem to tie into his family of origin, but menacing fingers seem to be reaching out for his young daughter Holly. If only Frank's position as an undercover cop would give him some insight into the case. Instead, Scorcher, the lead investigator, has an eye out for Frank's interference and keeps him at an increasing distance as the investigation heats up.

Though French The Likeness , , etc. Kirkus Reviews. How does religion appear to have influenced the families who live in Faithful Place? Why do you think Frank Mackey has rejected religion? Why do you think that teenagers like Frank and Rosie-the ones who try to get away-appear to be the exception rather than the rule in the Mackeys' neighborhood? How do those meanings resonate through the novel? Frank tells us early in the novel that he would die for his kid p. Yet there are lesser things he chooses not to do, such as being civil to her mother and shielding her from having to testify in a murder trial.

How well does Frank understand his feelings toward Holly?

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What are his blind spots where their relationship is concerned? Why does Frank become so upset over Holly's infatuation with pseudo-celebrity Celia Bailey pp. Is his reaction pure, over-the-top exaggeration, or does he have a point? Tana French makes extensive use of flashbacks to develop Rosie as a character and to flesh out Frank's motivations. How would the novel be different if it were narrated in a strictly chronological fashion?

Shay insists that he and Frank are morally no different, and Frank is outraged by the suggestion. Is Shay right? Frank would appear to have every right to blame his family for much of the chaos in his life. To what extent, however, do you think his finger pointing is an evasion of responsibilities that he would be wiser to accept? What feelings do the characters in the novel have regarding the decade of the eighties?

How does growing up in the eighties seem to have affected Frank, his siblings, and his friends? Does the Irish setting of Faithful Place contribute significantly to the telling of the story, or do you find that French's novel to be about humanity on a more universal level? How does Frank's emotional involvement in the cases of Rosie's and Kevin's deaths affect his ability to function as a detective?

Is it always a hindrance to him, or are there ways in which it improves and deepens his insights? Imagine that you are trying to persuade Holly to testify against Shay. What arguments or other tactics would you use? Do you think they would succeed? Does Frank Mackey change over the course of the novel?

What, if anything, does he learn?

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Near the end of Faithful Place , Frank and Olivia seem to have begun to move tentatively toward a reconciliation. Set in France in the s, The Three Musketeers is an epic of chivalry, honor, and courage with a band of romantic heroes, unattainable heroines, kings, queens, cavaliers, and criminals. The Three Musketeers has everything from adventure and espionage to murder, vengeance, and love.

In , the men of Berlin are all away fighting and it has become a city of women.

Though on the surface, most women appear to be models of German behavior, many are involved in their own hidden war against the Nazis. Delving deep into Japanese culture before and during WWII, women are taught to entrance the most powerful men to stay alive. In s Mississippi white women trust black women to raise their children but deny them respect and basic human courtesy.

Three women, however, develop an unlikely friendship that crosses the racial divide and gives them each the strength they need to change their lives. The man speaks English but cannot remember who he is or how he was so badly burned. Hana tries to get him to recall his past, and the truth about what they learn changes them forever. In , Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, steps through an ancient standing stone in the British Isles. She is suddenly sent back in time as a Sassenach an "outlander" in Scotland during war and raiding border clans in the year… Set in Georgia during the Civil War, Gone with the Wind follows the fortunes and fate of Scarlett O'Hara, the spoiled daughter of a rich plantation owner.

Scarlett uses every means to claw her way out of poverty and back to wealth which she thinks is the epitome of life.

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In the Bible, Dinah is only hinted at briefly as the more familiar parts of the Book of Genesis deal with her father, Jacob, and his dozen sons. The boorish head of Saigon's top English academy deftly negotiates the political divides in s Vietnam. When his son finds himself in trouble, however, he must stretch his connections to breaking point to save him.

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An epic, visceral novel that traces years and many generations from the Gold Coasts's booming slave trade to the jazz clubs of 20th-century Harlem. In this brutal, unflinching novel, we navigate the colliding worlds of a warrior from the Huron Nation, a kidnapped Iroquois girl and a French missionary determined to bring the word of God to a people he believes to be godless. The non-chronological structure of Life After Life is disorientating at first, but eventually it reveals a depth and magic unlike any other book.

With interwoven versions of reality, Ursula lives and dies through two world wars but her actions lead her down very different life trajectories. This is a truly unique study of the way small decisions can have far-reaching consequences. Let us know in the comments below if we missed your favorite historical fiction book. Kathy Edens is a blogger, a ghost writer, and content master who loves writing about anything and everything. TAGS: writing fiction.

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