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One of the most powerful techniques is the mantra technique. The essence of that technique is to repeat in your mind or aloud a positive mantra that will help you overcome a difficulty or fear. The more you repeat it, the more strong you believe it in, the more faith you put into your words, the better the result. According to many scientific studies one of the major causes of illness is … hypochondria.

This is the art of convincing yourself that you are sick. This is a powerful auto-suggestion mantra powered by negative emotions like fear. If that is possible, then it should also be possible to convince your mind that you are healthy, happy, good looking or mentally strong. Previously, you received instructions to set a definite goal for your life.


Now make sure to write down that goal and reinforce it with the desire to achieve it. Read your goal aloud after waking up and before going to sleep and several times a day. Visualize yourself, already in possession of your desire. See and feel yourself in possession of the desire.

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Mix emotion when you read and say your goals aloud. Be faithful of the outcome. Remember that there is a price to be paid in order to be able to influence your subconscious mind. That price is called persistence. You have to keep doing the steps for auto-suggestion, you have to keep repeating your goals aloud and you have to keep having faith in the outcome and the end-result. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail may just be a few days. Or it could be the availability of a back-up plan. Because their mind would always keep thinking about the way out.

This article is based on one of the oldest books about self-help: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It offers a set of simple to follow, but difficult to master rules, that anyone can apply towards becoming rich. One of these rules is auto-suggestion. I have adapted the material from the book and I have applied it to the present. And I have provided my approach in learning and applying the methods from the book. The subconscious mind is one of the most powerful weapons that you have in your arsenal.

It could be the difference between spotting or missing an opportunity. Or the difference between living a rich and fulfilling or poor and unhappy life.

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It could give you influence over people or it could enslave you to work for other people. Auto-suggestion is the way of introducing ideas and thoughts from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind. Using this skill you can influence your subconscious mind to work towards the goals that are important to you.

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  • Mastering it can lead to successful life and fulfillment of all your dreams. Originally published at www. I am a human resources specialist, with background in people and compliance management. My education gives me a wide perspective of the world and the ability to reuse solutions to almost any problem I was born in a big family in Europe.

    Among the many aunts, uncles, and cousins, I grew as an empathetic and diplomatic, but focused child. When I married, I moved several times to different countries, where I got to leverage my diplomacy and empathy on other people and cultures. I love diving deep into the problems that I or other people are facing.

    My communication skills, passion for languages, and empathy help me understand and influence others. My mission is to make the world a happier place. I believe that everybody is entitled to giving and taking love, happiness, and success. My vision is that everybody finds their special somebody in the world and shares their present and future with them.

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    Sign up for the Thrive Global newsletter. Will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. Summary of the most important ways to control your subconscious mind. Time to read Time to read: 18 minutes based on wpm. What is the subconscious mind? The wild monkey The best comparison of the subconscious mind is to a wild monkey. Communicating to your subconscious mind Communicating thoughts from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind is difficult because it should be done with emotions.

    Fear and negative self-talk Your first step in harnessing the power of the subconscious mind is to eliminate the thoughts loaded with negative emotions. The delete button technique Another power tool in countering the negative self-talk is the delete button.

    Burning desire Your subconscious mind will also act on thoughts that are conveyed with desire. They are willing to do what it takes to achieve it: Stay late after the training session and practice their skills more. Do what it takes to expand their skill set and become better than the rest.

    Set their subconscious mind to look for opportunities to achieve their goals. How can you cultivate burning desire? The bridge-burning technique Then, burn your bridges. The small wins or progress bar technique Another very powerful tool is to fill your life with small achievements that lead you towards the goal. The motivational technique Last but not least, find what energizes you to work on your goal and use it. Faith and love The most powerful, positive emotions are faith, love and sex. The Visualization technique And the next step towards achieving your goal is to visualize it.

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    Make it as vivid as possible: What are you wearing? How do you act? How are you feeling? What are you saying? What are you doing? The physical preparation technique Another tool is a physical preparation. The detachment technique And last but not least, let go of your attachment to outcomes. Jan 09, Farhana rated it really liked it Shelves: science. It was quite interesting, intriguing!

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    Once I had an argument with somebody who believed in using "steepest ascent hill climbing approach" while decision making. I personally don't favor hill climbing algorithm.

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    Now, whether people would execute these two lines or not depends on many things. Sometimes they may, sometimes they It was quite interesting, intriguing! Sometimes they may, sometimes they may comment out them.

    Next, what heuristic functions they use while evaluating options! And why would people feel the need of replacement in the first place! I rarely like the idea of replacements because "Bests are not gonna remain best always. However, it's people's personal choice. The writers of the book drew analogy from computer science algorithms into daily lives. Being a computer science student I think any CS student is gonna enjoy it!

    Many topics, concepts that we've learnt through different courses have been put here in a different light.