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Aprilabend Schloss Fasanerie bei Fulda.

Zuletzt sind Schnee und Nebel doch begraben und alle Linien farbig und genau. You have to have lived in a northern country and suffered through the snow and fog to appreciate the rebirth of light and colour, grass and leaves! An automatic translation can render most of the meaning, but not the music of the words, which emulates the beauty of nature.

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Building sites, cordons, corridors, concourses, people whizzing, weaving, people sauntering, skipping, dragging luggage along, around, trains shooting in and out, shuttles on a loom. Faces, faces like packs of cards, shuffled, shuttled across the city, voices, voices from all the winds, into all the winds, and everyone means something to someone, everyone means something, means everything. Trains bridging borders, the square, sun, people, people, specks of colour propelled past me, their shades brushing me, their warmth, breath, so near, here, now.

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Life, life, yes, yet nothing but the first faint dawn of a future with no night, no barriers, boundaries: destination without distance, one web of light. Photographs: Railway station and airport in Berlin. Thick patches of moss clustering on rippled thatch like verdant islands, like the islands we stand on: growing in the rough grey sea. Red clover blossom: tiny magenta lanterns in the green and blue, feeding on the salty floods across these flat floating disks.

Huge ships approaching, or space-ships — or are they hills, or houses on stilts?

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    Der Efeu Blueht (German, Paperback)

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