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Know that you're not alone, and that there are communities of shimmeringly radiant souls out there who have overcome their personal struggles and who harness their knowledge, effort and passion to be of service to and inspire others. At the same time that we may pay tribute to their inspiring presence, it is my hope that we also inspire ourselves to practise yoga off the mat, embark on this journey inward and do the necessary work , and in the process find who we really are.

And in the process, I hope we all live life consciously, and love life passionately! The online and print media are catching on to the Outta Hatha and outdoor yoga stories this month.

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Their article " Accidental Entrepreneurs: Outdoor Yoga In the City " published 6 June shone the spotlight on the story behind Outta Hatha, and allowed Shu Ting and Johanna to share their journeys as accidental yoga entrepreneurs. Today, the Strait Times "Life" section also featured Outta Hatha alongside various outdoor yoga groups to highlight the growing popularity of outdoor yoga in Singapore.

We look forward to leading more classes and events this year. Look out for schedule updates on our website and event announcements via Facebook! Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga yoga. While it is one of my favourite yoga quotes now, at first it did not quite resonate with me or, more precisely, I was unable to reflect it in my own practice. It seemed too general to be helpful as a reference point in developing my yoga practice, lacking the precision that I felt that I was needing. Practice what? Practice how? What is coming? Often, students of yoga have a particular pose in mind that they want to master.

While it is possible to develop certain physical and even mental qualities with a targeted practice, my personal advice nowadays would nevertheless be just to practice. It may sound boring and a little too unprecise but it works! You will eventually get the asana and even more, as practising in this way has positive effects on the mind as well.

I have witnessed it time and again, both personally and by watching my yogi friends and students. The joy and astonishment of nailing a challenging pose for the first time! The casual attempt that turns into success. The gratitude, the rush of energy, the urge to share it with your yogi friends or teacher, not to boast about it but to celebrate it. The humble contentment calling for support and channelling inspiration instead of envy.

Without attachment the once coveted asana is like a gift, not a prize.

Find Your Match Among the Many Types of Yoga

A gift that cultivates gratitude rather than a prize that fuels the ego. Trust the transformational power of your practice. Let go of the target pose. Showing up on the mat on a regular basis to practice mindfully and without attachment to the outcome will take you forward holistically in your yoga journey, no matter what. Enjoy the ride! Photo credit: Esther Tay.

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In this Spice Yoga practice, you will be guided to surrender the mind to the heart, originating your breath and movement from a seat of pure love. The session will start with purification and a brief introduction to the heart chakra and the concept of non-violence Ahimsa in our actions and the importance of integrating compassion into our yoga practice.

Hatha Yoga Music: Music for yoga poses, bansuri flute music, soft music, indian instrumental music

The heart is also intimately linked to the sense of touch. The practice will include fresh interpretations of many classic yoga poses, guiding the practitioner to focus on mindful expansion of our inner space and light, opening of the heart, and making a connection to our secret relationship with our higher self.

Ihre Vorteile

Let the heart shine in this evening yoga session filled with balance, serenity, love and light. Invite your inner light to shine to its fullest by this holistic practice. To awaken this light journey, we begin with purification practices including kriya yoga and mantra meditation followed by brief introduction of yoga as the 8-Limbed Path.

This holistic and well-rounded experience brightens our awareness of our fullest potential. When you realize your light already blazes within your own heart, you can share that light with others. Be receptive. You are limitless. This celebration is not to be missed!

48 Online Yoga Classes to Restore Your Body and Mind

Participants can also purchase the Outta Hatha class card on the spot or online. Feel free to bring along any cash donation to Gyanada Foundation , on top of the class fees, in support of our fundraising efforts - to share the light of knowledge and education for underprivileged girls in India. Bookings are not required. Please note that the venue is sheltered so classes do carry on in rainy weather.

Early bird prices are available from now till 31st January. Workshops schedule: Friday 4 March 6. Find out more about Jani on his website and Instagram. Mats are provided. Shower facilities are also available. We have two exciting mini-yoga workshops coming up. Be prepared to experience something new and have your curiosity piqued to go deeper in your practice. No bookings required but it will be helpful to indicate on the respective Facebook event pages click on the links above if you are joining us.

We Are Back to Customs House! We are finally heading back to our good ol' stomping ground at Customs House outdoor terrace for our 4x weekly sunset outdoor classes, starting 2nd November. We are cautiously optimistic about the haze staying away, but there could still be same-day class cancellations in case the air quality deteriorates.

We strive to inform you early, so that you can make alternative plans if needed. Please stay tuned to our Facebook updates before each class. Tweets by outtahatha. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Featured Story Soul Story Catalog. Upcoming Events.

Daily Ritual Seasonal Ritual. Soul Artist Boutique. It was developed to bring forward the understanding that the practice of yoga should permeate into all areas of your life. Her practice provides the pathway to self-discovery along with the tools to autonomously care for yourself. Since she has been working one on one and with groups to create more mindfulness in their lives and help them align with their purpose.

However, when people are trying to make big change on their own, fear can often block that inner wisdom.

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Through the Core Energy Leadership Methodology she helps you forge a path towards greater fulfillment and joy. Amy has been teaching yoga for almost 2 decades and her classes infuse the sweat of vinyasa, precision of alignment and plenty of space to look within. Shakti offers a comprehensive approach to the Indian origins of yoga and the fundamentals of Sanskrit texts that have inspired and informed the practice. She also guides a study of the subtle energy body practices of Hatha Yoga, including pranayama, mudras, vayus, bandhas, and mantra.

Shakti is an international yoga teacher, ritual facilitator, speaker, and writer who presents a Tantrik approach to personal empowerment and social action. The Living in Alignment hour Advanced Yoga Education is comprised of a series of weekends and workshops designed for maximum accessibility in Vail Colorado. Students who are seeking certification are required to have maintained a consistent Yoga practice for at least two years. Completion of accredited hour and hour courses qualifies graduates to register as a Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance at the hour level.

Space is Limited to 18 Participants. Grounded in the wisdom of experience, self-discovery and embodiment. I offer a breath-focused and comprehensive education with a fascia system foundation. We will cover the practical methodology, theoretical background, historical perspective and spiritual aspects of the science of Yoga. Experienced teachers will share their knowledge, understanding and personal experience of yoga in all its wonder and depth.

This include both training in the techniques and their practice. Our mission is to help you teach and live with authenticity and from the heart. Evolve and deepen your practice by learning a variety of new and different, simple yet effective techniques for releasing long held stresses or habitual tensions. Experience regaining your inner strength, feeling more freedom, space and clarity in the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Release blockages that are holding you back so you can live your potential, giving yourself permission to be who you truly are.

This intensive will enable you to support yourself, your clients, students or loved ones on the journey of healing, awareness and self-discovery.