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Dugan is the current Nassau County Poet Laureate Operating on instinct rather than intellect, I pull up to the gas pump in need of coffee as much as my car needs fuel. A casualty of a late night and an early morning, I linger in the misty twilight of dreams and reality, as I saunter toward the entrance of the twenty-four hour convenience store.

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I recognize him immediately. To some he is an eccentric renegade filled with purposeless wanderlust. As for myself and others he is a maverick, a rebel, a hero who celebrates his freedom. He is all American and he is ageless. Spry for his years, rough hewn with a lean wiry frame, his face taut like rough weathered leather beneath a long gray beard, creased with the lines of many miles and many years. On his head he wears a stars and stripes bandanna to keep his bushy, silver white hair in place. Dusty but not dirty from the road, the engine, a big V-Twin, sits mounted on a mono-shock soft tail frame with a fat bob gas tank and teardrop fenders, painted electric blue and highlighted with red and white pin stripes.

A cool rigid look, fine-tuned by a low-slung saddle seat with a passenger pad and an old worn rucksack tied to the small sissy bar. The pull back handle bars and a wide glide front end that rolls on chromed spoke wheels gives the impression of constant motion.

It has retro-classic style for a long easy ride, standing still; it beckons for the open road. It is a machine to epitomize the power and prestige of the American Dream.

Pablo Neruda

He mounts the bike, starts it up and roars toward the open road. A resounding thunder shatters the silence of the new morning. The fringes of his jacket give the appearance of wings, an eagle gliding on the wind. Magical Non Senses Orbis Press, Victor Alcindor is an American poet of Haitian descent whose poems have appeared in various online and literary journals.

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  4. PDF Poemas de amor un viaje a los cinco sentidos (Spanish Edition).
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Alcindor resides in South Orange, New Jersey with his wife and two children. Her novel, Back to El Dorado, is forthcoming. The other thing is to stroke the cheek and temple of a lover slowly just feeling, not seeing except with my fingertips.

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Azahara Palomeque El Sur, is a Spanish poet. Palomeque holds a Ph. She lives in exile since In English, a wound is the past of the wind winding itself up, the footprint of a storm and not the lightening, the rubble, in that instant, of past ages. It was yesterday. It was a warm encounter with the future, a tectonic yell from some depth now visible today. Era ayer. Nichole Acosta is a multicultural, queer, diabetic, poet whose work captures human nature in its best and worst light. Writing for those who have felt left behind in the margins, she has been performing spoken word poetry solo and in collaboration with musicians and other performers from New York City to Singapore since she was 11 years old.

To support more of her work go to nicholeacosta.

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Look both ways before you hold her hand. The heteronormative couple is making love with their clothes on in the middle of the museum cafe in Paris. There are bus loads of bigots ready to run you over for loving your lover who is a woman like you. We gotta Google where our rights are wrong before we book a plane ticket to another country or state. We gotta play it straight in Haiti.

It takes longer to check our passports. If a heterosexual couple has a surrogate the man and woman do not have to adopt the kid. Mother of four, she is preparing her doctoral thesis and two more books. Esta es la Vena Cava que no acaba de yugular tu pecho en mi pecho.

Los Cinco Sentidos ¡Canción con voz de niño! Oído, gusto, tacto, vista y olfato

Este es mi cuerpo libre. Estos son los altares. Mis graves ojos nevados.

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Vuelo Blando. Escritura de rosas y ciervos y jazmines. Mi pan de otros cuerpos. Tendones que se dicen en hilos de Luna y sol. Akram Alkatreb was born and raised in Salamiah, Syria; a city renowned for its poets.

He attended the University of Damascus, graduating with a degree in law. Alkatreb has worked as an art critic and journalist between contributing to many major Arabic speaking he has published six poetry collections including one in Spanish. He has participated in several international poetry festivals. He lives in USA since I did not forget the house. It remained as it was, with remnants of lime on its walls. Even the sounds of rustling branches with vague sighs of tenderness falling and breaking on the terrace becoming yellow leaves, my mother would broom at dawn.

The house I used to draw, with a small river, on the geography notebook. Y al mirar la sala, he sentido miedo. New York based Latina author. Author of the short stories books Ana no duerme , Ana no duerme y otros cuentos ; and of the poetry books Viaje legado and Dis-Enchanted in press. Sam Shepard: Sentarse a mirar la pared. Observar los cambios de luz. You have to school yourself. I used to work at the kitchen table I wrote Buried Child in the kitchen of our ranch in California. He said: Sitting and watching the wall.

Seeing the light change. Marisa Russo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Poet, editor, and cultural liaison. She is a doctoral candidate in education with emphasis in pedagogic mediation in the Universidad de La Salle, Costa Rica. Founder of Turrialba Literaria in Costa Rica.

Lola Lola atraviesa Tiergarten como un cometa de piernas esbeltas. Cruza el estudio de la Universum Film con zapatos blancos, boina y cigarro. Deja caer las cenizas sin disimular infidelidades. Marlene las junta y se empolva el rostro. Entretelones es bien sabido que se acuesta con todos, menos con Adolph. Se fuma a los que dicen que ella es la culpable de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

Lola Lola crosses Tiergarten like a comet of slender legs. She crosses the Universum Film studio with white shoes, beret and cigar. She lets the ashes drop without concealing infidelities. Marlene gathers them and powders her face.